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Convert PowerPaint pictures into .pc files

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There are lots of Coleco pictures around into PowerPaint format, some made with original software, some converted from JPEG or BMP files by using a picture converter such as BMP2PP by Marcel deKogel or Dither. These pictures .pp files are size 10K or 40K each and aren't in a format convenient for ColecoVision projects but are used by ADAMites for their Holidays special slideshow disks.


You can convert PowerPaint files into Dale Wick's .pc files and use them in Atarimax Coleco Ultimate SD Multicart or view them with a simple viewer on your PC.


How to add PP files into ColecoVision projects?


Extract PATTERN and COLOR tables from PowerPaint files with this command-line tool.


This tool has a lot of options (flags) to deal with each situation, even an integrated splitter to extract PATTERN and COLOR tables to be loaded into VRAM.


Download (EXE) Version 1.1 : pp2pc.zip


Source code available on demand. (on Dale Wick's SVN server)

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