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Your Console Ownership Ladder

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Based on an OT post here:



Legend (I can update first post if people have others)


D-Donated to another collection

G-Gave away to someone

S-Still Have



Here is my Console/Handheld Ownership Ladder, roughly in order



J-Coleco Telstar


G-Atari 800


D-Sega Master System






D-Sega Saturn


D-Sega Dreamcast

S-Xbox 360





S-Coleco FlashBack

S-Intellivision Flashback


S-Xbox One

S-Intellivision II




J-Various LED/VFD/Game and Watch


D-Game Gear

S-Gameboy Advance



S-Nintendo DS



S-Ipad Air


Throughout that is an uncountable number of IBM PC compatible desktops and laptops for gaming and work starting with:

J-Tandy 1000

...and continuing today with:

Microsoft Surface 4


with one or two Macbooks for testing but not gaming








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In chronological order, first to last.. best I can remember.

  1. ColecoVision (G but was replaced in 1999)
  2. NES (S)
  3. Genesis (S)
  4. N64 (S)
  5. PS1 (G, replaced earlier this year)
  6. Game Boy (J)
  7. Game Boy Color (J)
  8. Intellivision (S)
  9. Atari 2600 (? I had many, sold them and still have a couple from back then)
  10. Commodore 128 (sold)
  11. Commodore 64 (sold)
  12. Tandy CoCo2 (sold)
  13. SNES (S)
  14. Sega Game Gear (J)
  15. Dreamcast (Sold in '06, replaced late last year)
  16. PS2 (J/G)
  17. Xbox (S)
  18. Xbox 360 (S)
  19. Vectrex (S)
  20. PS3 (J)
  21. Nintendo Wii (S)
  22. Nintendo 3DS xl (S)

This isn't counting extras (console variations included) that were added/sold, etc over the years. I still have the majority of this stuff, although some sold, broke, lost/stolen or given away. I'm quite content with what I have now, l even then it's a bit too much but I doubt I'll sell anymore systems besides extras.

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Here's my chronological list. Left out clones and i'm sure I missed some things...


1) NES (J)

2) Game Boy (S)


4) SEGA CD 2 (J)


6) Sega 32X (J)

7) Sega Nomad (S)

8 ) Nintendo 64 (S)

9) Game Boy Pocket (S)

10) Sony Playstation (J)

11) Game Boy Color (S)

12) Sega Dreamcast (S)

13) Neo Geo Pocket (J)

14) Neo Geo Pocket Color (S)

15) Sony PSone (J)

16) Sega Master System (S)

17) Sega Saturn (S)

18)Playstation 2 (S)

19) XBOX (J)

20) Nintendo DS (S)

21) XBOX 360 (J)

22) XBOX 360 Elite (J)

23) Nintendo Wii (S)

24) XBOX 360 Elite (S)

25) Sega Genesis 1 (Hidef) (S)

26) Colecovision (S) *This is my dad's original from '82

27) Sega Genesis 2 (G)

28) Nintendo Wii U (S)

29) Sega 32X (S)

30) Super Nintendo (S)

31) SNES Mini (S)

32) PC Engine DUO-R (S)

33) Sharp Twin Famicom (S)

34) Atari 5200 4-port (S)

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my game systems in chronological order:


first gaming experience on a Interton VC 4000 borrowed from a cousin


now my own systems:

Intellivision (s)

Commodore 64 (s)

Amiga 500 (sold)

NES (s)

Amiga 2000 (s)

Lynx (s)

PC-Engine (s)

Amiga CD32

Amiga 4000 (s)

Jaguar (s)

Playstation (s)

iMac G3 (sold)

Dreamcast (s)

iMac G4 (sold)

Gameboy Advance (s)

Gamecube (s)

Xbox (s)

iMac G5 (sold)

DS (s)

PSP (s)

Wii (s)

iMac i7 (s)

Playstation 3 (s)

Xbox 360 (s)

3DS (s)

Vita (s)

Wii U (s)

Playstation 4 (s)

iPad/iPhone (s)

Apple TV 4 (s)


I own several of this systems multiple times.


Other systems I bought for collector reasons:

Interton VC 4000 (my own)

Sega Mastersystem

Sega Megadrive/CD/32X

Sega Saturn


Atari VCS

Atari 7800





Playstation 2

Philips G7000


Gameboy Color




PC-Engine Duo-R


Amstrad GX-4000

Neo Geo CD

Neo Geo Pocket

Neo Geo MVS

Mattel Aquarius

several Pong systems

several Mattel handhelds


Once again, I own several systems multiple times.

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My gaming systems in order I got them to the best of my knowledge... (this is actually neat)



Game Boy

Sega Genesis

Commodore Vic-20

Super Nintendo

Sega Saturn


Playstation 2

Sega Master System

Sega Dreamcast

Game Boy Color

Game Gear

Atari 2600


Nintendo DS Lite

Xbox 360



Atari Jaguar

Sega 32X


Gamecube (for softmod)





Virtual Boy

Bally Astrocade

Wii U



Xbox One

Playstation 4

Atari 7800


I'm sure that's way out of wack in the middle because from 2004 to like 2009, I really bought a ton of shit that I couldn't find before thanks to eBay.

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You know, I started making this list, and stopped once I realized almost everything I've acquired since high school, I still own! As for what I don't:


My childhood NES and Genesis were sold (by my parents & brother, respectively)

My first Genesis/Sega CD combo died :( gave it to a game place for parts

My playstation was given away, given away again, then sold

Gave my original Game Boy to a friend (I kinda regret that now)

I briefly had an NES that was 100% painted with black acrylic- not surprisingly, it died

I found an SNES on a junk pile, gave it to my sister's BF

I bought a friend a Dreamcast from a thrift store as a gift, then found another one with better stuff an hour later. Sold the first one to a co-worker

Gave a busted Atari 2600 vader to a local shop for parts

Recently sold my spare NES to a co-worker

And if anyone will be at Seattle Retro Game Expo next weekend, I'll be looking to sell my 5200 (no cords, no controllers, no idea if it works.)

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Doh! I forgot Virtual Boy and Atari Jaguar.. they belong somewhere in the middle of my list. I sold them both a couple years ago though..

I also used to have a broken Commodore VIC 20 but it never did work, so I never counted it..same for a Sony PSP. Too much stuff to fix, keep track of and collect for, that's why I sold a lot of it.

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in order


nintendo 64 for xmas 1996 (sold or tossed during a move we have begun to emulate in its place to revisit our childhood my bro and i)

gbc in lime green so i could play mario bros deluxe on vacation

genesis 3 year 99 i think (found it at a kb toys in the mall and it was cheap with cheap games so my folks said sure why not this is where my love for classics and sega began)

psone 2000 brother and i requested this as a way to play more games and often traded it with our friends a couple of brothers who owned a sega dreamcast at the time

GBA was super excited while anticipating its release got it with fzero- wanted to keep up with the other kids at recess


xbox first console purchased at launch or near launch anyway we got halo and a simpsons racing game again i waited for this one reading all the articles egm had to offer and loved oxm

xbox 360 was too hard to find at launch but i remember calling a local hastings and finding they had one i moved swiftly that day with my 500 in cash !

PSP picked up at launch such amazing hardware

ds lite 2007 i believe is when i got mine

ps2 had a slim model and a fatty import



it was in 2007 that i started collecting consoles and games i was an adult high school grad so i went wild


dreamcast was purchased new in box with 150 or so burned games and accessories

saturn- purchased repaired and then came crazy expensive games and imports

atari jaguar see expensive and homebrew games also tempest

atari jag cd- arrived dead then sold for parts

atari lynx

sega cd-snatcher!

sega 32x- sadly never hooked it up think i was missing a cable or something to do so

neo geo pocket color- card fighters and last blade and that joystick!

neo geo aes- this one was expensive had maybe 20 games some were mvs conversions like metal slug mine was a japanese model and was modded with unibios and svideo maybe component

wonderswan crystal


ps3 fat and slim models


currently i own-



xbox original again which i collect for cause its cheap

xbox one



soon hope to get wii u ps4 maybe vita then i will do some more old school collecting perhaps? money is the issue here i am now married and planning a family

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Here's my list (not including handhelds)


Atari 2600 - J (broke)

Atari 2600 Jr - J (broke)

NES - G (Sold it to get the SNES)

Genesis - J (stolen)


Turbo Grafx 16 - G (Sold it to get the Turbo Duo)

Turbo Duo - S

PS1 - J (broke)

PS1 - J (broke)

PS1 - S

Dreamcast - G (gave it away)

PS2 - J (broke)

PS2 - S

Xbox - S

Xbox 360 - J (pretty sure you can guess what happened)

Xbox 360 - S

PS3 - S

Wii U - S

PS4 - S

Atari 7800 - S


Colecovision - S

Genesis - S

SMS (Power Base Converter) - S


Although I didn't own them growing up, I still got to experience the Colecovision, Sega Master System, and 3DO at friend's houses.

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I tried and gave up. I can remember the first few and the last few, but most of them in the middle, I can't remember the order of...


First few:


Pong Clone






then a muddled mess that includes: SNES, N64, Gamecube, SMS, Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, Jaguar, XBox, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Game.com, NES Top loader


And then I'm reasonably confident of the last few:






Pac Man plug and play

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I'll take a stab at this:

NES - 1991
Game Boy - 1992 or '93
Genesis - 1992 or '93
Game Gear - 1994
(286 PC - 1995...found at a garage sale, and was talking into selling it in garage sale a few years later...man, I miss that thing!)
(R-Zone - 1996...got lost at some point)
PlayStation - 1996 (swapped with my best friend's N64 at one point for a little while, then swapped back)
(SNES - 1997...bought my best friend's SNES; I put it in a garage sale a couple years later when I lost interest)
*Odyssey 2 - 1998...this is sort of a watershed acquisition as it was my first "retro" system; I consider it the beginning of my collection, with the other stuff getting grandfathered in.
Intellivision (Sylvania) - 1999
Atari VCS (4-switch) - 1999

After this point it's pretty fuzzy. A LOT of stuff came and went after 2000-'01. I can only approximate when I got stuff, let alone what order it came in.

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This is going to a long list for me, going back to 1991 when I was 6 years old and got my first video game system (an original model Game Boy) for Christmas. It's going to be one heck of a task trying to remember all the systems I've owned over the years, since I've been pretty poor for most of my life and have constantly found myself in situations where I had to sell my systems and games to make ends meet, but I'll do my best to remember them all...



Game Boy (sold)

Sega Genesis Model 1 (sold)

Tiger R-Zone (broke)

Game Boy Color [Kiwi] (sold)

PlayStation (sold)

Game Boy Advance [indigo] (sold)

PlayStation 2 (broke)

PlayStation 2 (broke)

PlayStation 2 (stolen)

PlayStation 2 (sold)

Sega Genesis Model 2 (stolen)

NES (sold)

GameCube [black] (sold)

Game Boy Advance SP [Flame Red] (sold)

Game Boy Advance SP [Flame Red] (sold)

Nintendo DS [Titanium] (sold)

Nintendo DS Lite [Polar White] (sold)

Game Boy Micro [20th Anniversary Edition] (sold)

PlayStation 2 w/ Swap Magic Case (sold)

Game Boy Advance SP [Classic NES Series] (sold)

NES (sold)

GameCube [black] (broke)

Xbox 360 (broke)

Xbox 360 (still own)

Nintendo Wii (broke)

Nintendo Wii (still own)

Game Boy Advance SP [Classic NES Series] (sold)

NES (still own)

Sega Genesis Model 2 (sold)

PlayStation (still own)

PlayStation 3 (sold)

Atari 2600 [Vader] (broke)

Game Boy Color [Grape w/ Custom Buttons] (still own)

Game Boy (sold)

Game Boy Advance w/ AGS-101 Screen [indigo] (sold)

Game Boy Advance SP AGS-101 [Pearl Pink] (broke)

Game Boy Advance SP AGS-101 [Custom Metallic Purple] (still own)

Nintendo 3DS [Midnight Purple] (sold)

Game Boy Micro [black w/ Custom NES Faceplate] (sold)

Atari 2600 [Vader] (broke)

Nintendo 3DS [Midnight Purple] (sold)

Atari 2600 [Woodgrain 4 Switch] (broke)

Sears Video Arcade II (broke)

Nintendo DS Lite [Crimson Red] (broke)

Atari 2600 [Vader] (broke)

New Nintendo 3DS XL [New Black] (sold)

Custom Centipede Bartop 60-in-1 Multicade (still own)

Nintendo DS Lite [Crimson Red] (broke)

Nintendo DS Lite [Crimson Red] (broke)

Nintendo 2DS [Red] (broke)

Nintendo DS Lite [silver] (sold)

Nintendo DS Lite [Crimson Red] (still own)

Game Boy w/ Olive Green Backlight & Bivert Chip (selling)

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(Not counting computers...)


2nd Generation: Atari 2600 (4 Switch Wooden)


3rd Generation: NES


Retro Collecting (90's): 2600 Vader & ColecoVision


5th Generation: Playstation (Original)


6th Generation: Dreamcast, Gamecube


7th Generation: Xbox 360, Atari/Coleco Flashback


All were given away except for the 360...

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I'll play! In order of purchase/acquisition, to the best of my memory:




Game Boy






Game Boy Advance

Atari 2600

Turbografx 16

Game Boy Color

Playstation 2


Sega Nomad


Game Gear



Nintendo DS Lite


Xbox 360

Sega Master System

Neo Geo Pocket Color



Atari Jaguar

Atari 5200

Sony Xperia Play (Playstation Smartphone)




I still have all of my original consoles from my childhood! The Colecovision was technically my older sister's that she got on Christmas of '82, but I played it too before I got my NES. When she became disinterested in video games, I saved it from getting tossed, an I still have it today!


Over the years, I did pick up a lot of multiples and variants. As far as those go:


Colecovision: My OG console! Also have Expansion Module #1.


Atari 2600: 1 Telegames light sixer and 1 Atari woodgrain 4-switch


NES: 5 or 6 "toasters", 1 CIB Action Set, one CIB basic set


Genesis: 2 "High Definition Graphics" Model 1 consoles, and a Power Base Converter


SNES: CIB basic set, and it's not yellow!


N64: CIB Atomic Purple Controller edition


Playstation: 4-5 consoles total, 2 early ones with the composite out, 1 CIB later one without the serial I/O port (not a PSOne)


Playstation 2: 3 "Fat" consoles, 1 CIB Slim, 2 CIB "Fats"


Game Boy: original "brick" model, not working too well and needs a screen replacement :(


Game Boy Advance: one white original, one CIB glacier blue transparent, and one ice blue AGS-101 SP (whatever the one with the good screen is)


GBC: Atomic Purple console


Xbox: 2 CIB consoles and one loose, one is soft modded


Xbox 360: 1 original CIB "Table Tennis" set (it RRoD'ed), 1 HDMI white 360, and 1 slim model


PS3: one CIB "The Last Of Us/Batman Arkham Origins" super slim console


Sega Master System: original style model


Game Gear: 3 of them that don't work, all need to be recapped, LCD modded, etc


Neo Geo Pocket Color: blue Urban Camo model


Atari 5200: 4-port model


Intellivision: 2 original consoles, both boxed but not complete


3DO: Goldstar model


Wii: 2 white consoles, both modded, one CIB


Famicom: A/V-modded original model


PSP: PSP-3000 in silver, CIB "Daxter" edition


Dreamcast: 3 of them, one launch system, and one CIB (had a Sega Sports one but someone stole it)





I think that's everything. The only thing I used to have that I wish I still had was my family's Apple IIe. My uncle worked as a programmer for Apple and created some printer interface plugin or something like that and retired early. He gave us a brand new IIe back around 1985, and I loved that thing. My mom gave it to her friend when we bought our Gateway 2000 with the Pentium MMX chip because it was "some old, useless computer". I was not happy. :mad: I kinda wish I still had that Gateway too.

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Let's see if I can remember


(J) SNES (1992)- it was a christmas gift to my older brother when I was 1 year old.

(J) PSX (1998)

(D) NES (2003)- First console I bought with my own money when I was 12, sold it later on.

(J) DMG Gameboy (2004)- given to me by my cousin, ruined when I tried to install a backlight.

(J) Gameboy Pocket (2007)- another victim of the attempted backlight mod

(S) Model 2 Genesis VA4 (2009)

(D) Sega CD Model 2 (2010)

(D) Sega 32X (2011)

(D) GBA SP (2012)

(D) Sega Saturn Model 2 (2012)

(S) GBA SP (2013)

(S) Japanese Sega Saturn Model 1 (2014)

(S) Panasonic 3DO FZ-1 (2014)

(S) Atari 800XL (2014)

(D) Model 1 Genesis (2014)

(S) Model 2 Genesis (2015)- extensively modded

(S) Model 2 Sega CD (2015)- ditto

(J) Japanese 3DO FZ-10 (2015)- sent it back, did not work properly

(D) PSOne (2015)

(S) Atari 2600 Jr (2015)- sold PSOne to get it

(S) Backlight/bivert clear Play it Loud Gameboy (2015)

(D) recap Game Gear (2015)

(G) modchip GameCube (2015)

(D) Silver PS2 Slim (2015)

(S) PSP 3000 (2015)

(S) Sega 32X (2016)

(S) Atari 130XE (2016)

(S) Intellivision 2 (2016)


D means I sold it/traded it towards something else. Wow, 2015 was really active for me.

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This is gonna kill some of my time today...


In chronological order as best as I can remember:



1. Intellivision - Christmas 1980 (J)

2. Intellivision II - Christmas 1983? (J)

3. NES Action Set - Christmas 1985 (sold)

4. Sega Genesis 1 - 1990 (sold)

5. Sony PlayStation 1 - 1995 (S)

6. Nintendo 64 Donkey Kong Set - 1998? (S)

(It was about this time I started feeling nostalgic, and Ebay became a thing.)

7. Sears Video Arcade (heavy sixer) - 1998 (S)

8. Sega Genesis 3 - 1998 (S)

9. Atari VCS (four switch) - 1999 (sold)

10. Sega Dreamcast - 9/9/99, baby! (broke, but I replaced it)

11. Atari Jaguar - 1999 (sold)

12. Atari 5200 - 1999 (S)

13. Sony PlayStation 2 (import) - 2000 (S)

14. Sony PlayStation 2 (domestic) - 2000 (S)

15. Sears Video Arcade II - 2000 (sold, I think)

16. Sega Saturn - 2000 (S), bought new on closeout, I've barely taken it out of the box

17. Sega Saturn Derby Stallion system - 2000 (S)

18. Intellivision - 2001 (J), the start of me trying to replace all the stuff I once had

19. Intellivision - 2001 (S), third time's the charm

20. Coleco Vision - 2001 (S)

21. Sears Super Video Arcade - 2001 (sold)

22. JVC X'eye - 2001 (sold)

23. NES Action Set - 2001 (S)

24. SNES - 2002 (sold)

25. Sega Genesis 1 - 2002 (sold)

26. Sega CD - 2002 (sold)

27. Nintendo GameCube - 2002 (S)

28. MS Xbox - 2002 (S)

29. Neo Geo AES - 2003 (sold)

30. NEC Turbo Grafx 16 - 2003 (sold)

31. Atari 7800 - 2004 (S)

32. JVC V-Saturn - 2006 (S)

33. Sony PlayStation 3 "Fat" - 2006 (broke)

34. Sony PlayStation 3 "Super Slim" - 2012 (S)

35. Sony PlayStation 4 - 2015 (S)

36. Intellivision II - 2015 (S)



1. Nintendo Game Boy - 1989 (S)

2. Nintendo Game Boy Color - 1998 (S)

3. Atari Lynx - 1998 (S)

4. Neo Geo Pocket Color - 2000 (S)

5. Sega Game Gear - 2000 (sold)

6. Nintendo Game Boy Advance - 2001 (S)

7. Nintendo DS - 2006 (S)

8. Sony PS Vita - 2014 (S)


Classic computers that I mainly had for gaming:

1. Apple IIc - 1985 (S, but broken)

2. Atari 800XL - 1998 (S)

3. Commodore Amiga 1000 - 2011 (sold)

4. Apple IIGS - 2012 (S)


Whew! As you can see I went through a brief spurt in the late 90's/early 00's of buying pretty much every console known to man. I did have the idea to have some kind of online museum (before there was YouTube or whatever), but it ended up taking up too much space. I don't really regret selling most of the stuff I sold; I decided at a certain point to keep only the systems that had some personal meaning for me. That usually meant stuff I owned at the time it was current and/or grew up with. Otherwise it gets kind of ridiculous. Even now, most of my systems are in the attic. The ones I'm displaying or have hooked up right now are the Intellivisions I and II, Coleco Vision, Atari 7800, Genesis 3, Dreamcast, and Apple IIGS - the others are all in storage.


Oh, I also have a non-functional Famicom that I've never even tried to connect because all I have is the unit and controllers, so it's nice shelf decoration.

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