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After a few hours of wondering why inserting the code for the two-digit score kept failing, I made it show up. The next step was to stabilize the game at 262 scanlines. As long time readers of this blog know, my favorite number is 47. But I do have a new least-favorite number: 263. It means I am so close to stabilizing the code, but need to fix something and that may potentially break the entire game. So anyway, I would like a three-digit code instead of just a two digit one. There would be no room for my idea of a four digit code, so a 3-digit one will have to do, which is okay because I doubt anyone will play long enough to reach 1,000 points anyway. But I'll throw in a special Easter egg just in case. It's still hot. Apparently every day is going to be real hot until Fall comes. I hate Summer.

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