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AtGames Genesis/Mega Drive Ultimate Portables on eBay - Are these genuine?


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Hi all,


Hopefully someone, Bill perhaps, will be able to answer this for me.


I keep seeing on eBay new Genesis/Mega Drives handhelds that look identical to the to the AtGames units yet are sold almost as generic/unbranded versions.


For example:



I was just wondering if anyone knows if these are genuine AtGames manufactured units or are they a knock-off (clone of a clone!?) - the prices are obviously vastly lower than the retail of an AtGames unit which does arouse suspicion, especially if these are licensed or not? (The Sonic Generations screenshot doesn't help matters in this listings case either!) It also states one of the 20 built in games is Streets of Rage which as far as I am aware was not included on any of the western releases of the 20 in 1 version?


Any insight would be greatly appreciated!



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