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HSC13 R12 Cosmic Tunnels

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Cosmic Tunnels


One of the better less known games: Help Captain Sticky grab some more gold, this time it's in outer space! Nice multi-screen game with some skill and great amusment when hopping around on the springs. Fantastic Music too.


Download Fandal XEX

Atarimania Info

Scoring Standard HSC points

Bonus point for setting new HSC record. Held by krupkaj 125,600 from season 2 :)

Round closes 12pm UK time on Monday 1st August (it's a bank holiday!)

Have fun and join in!

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Where is everyone?!!!


Congratulations to Deteacher for an astounding score and new HSC record :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Cosmic Tunnels is still pretty good and challenging. I found the walking around the planet parts the trickiest but I guess you are meant to be more patient. Seemed to do well walking through the middle and hiding behind the rocks!


If you missed this round there will be a chance to catch up later in the season ;)


Final Tables

1st Deteacher (n) 141,500 13pts*

2nd therealbountybob (p) 86,600 11pts
3rd Dope (n) 86,500 10pt

4th McKong (p) 58,900 9pts

5th orpheuswaking 15,400 8pts
5th jblenkle (n) 13,700 7pts

*includes new HSC record bonus point

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I seemed to be very low on energy by the time I got to the planet on the last mission, even though I thought I'd managed to shoot most of the ships in the tunnel. More practice I guess

It's the bombing the space stations bit that is hard to avoid - try fling fast and bouncing off the edge. Another hint is to take off quickly so you avoid the first metor... The game has a lot of nice elements and is ok for a play now and then :)


Captain Sticky's Gold is a really good game but it's not NTSC compatible, it gets really challenging so should suit the better players more.

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