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MBX Joystick Disassembly


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I was trying to identify the workings of the MBX joystick and not finding any information. Now I found one and opened it up.


My crude purpose was to game on another console, possibly with some hacking or external conversion. .. Opening the joystick up I have discovered it will not easily suit my purposes. But maybe someone else will find this useful or interesting. .. If these pictures (or a schematic) were available to me previously I probably would not have purchased this joystick.


Main Observations:


- There are only 6 wires coming out of the cable.


- The two visible potentiometers are marked B5K(Ohm)


- In addition to the screws there are two long pegs in one of the handle halves which engage holes in the other handle half and make disassembly a little tricky.


- None of the buttons are very satisfying to press.



.. If anyone has anything else for me to look for inside here while I've still got it open, let me know.







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