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Almost non-working Apple Monochrome Monitor A2M2010


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ANYONE and SOMEBODY who knew how to repair my almost non-working monitor ? When I plug to Apple computer and it only show very green display , no picture from output by computer at all. it does power on but only show solid green color and nothing else ! I have another problems such as Apple ][ Disk Drive, too. It does power-up but not able to reading any known diskette. It does show red LED on but no sound.


I have also very WEIRD behavior on Apple II Plus ! When I turn it on and all it show full of glitch graphics display !


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Disk drive problem sounds like the drive belt. Open it up and look. It's probably loose or even snapped. You can probably find a new one with a Google search; I found a lot of references to them on the first page of results, but no actual belts to be had. Still, if you just keep looking, I'm sure you'll find one.


I can't really help with your other problems, though I'll bet the CRT issue is a bad capacitor.

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I have to agree that the monitor is a capacitance problem. i will look through my grandfather's television repair manuals a, and try to figure out what is going on. i cannot promise anything but i have had this problem in the past. i used to have an apple II ,two floppy drives and a monitor hooked up to my High pressure liquid chromatograph when i was in Pharmacy school.My suggestion is to go to Amazon and get a pocket O-scope to help suss out the problem. Good luck, and hopefully i will be able to help.

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