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You know the vegetarians are also fitness freaks. The reason they are vegetarians is because they like to keep their bodies in pristine shape. Me, on the other hand, I don't care how I look. I was ugly when I was born, so I have no choice but to be ugly. If I lost all my extra weight, I would still be ugly, so there's no point in me trying to lose it. But enough about me, this is about the celery game. I've been calling it "The Celery Game" because I haven't thought of a title for it yet, and I think "The 50-Foot-Tall Stalk of Celery and the Vegetarian Incinerator" is too long of a title. But anyway, after working on it for a few hours last night, I got animation of the walkers and runners and I switched their speed from point-based to random. Not only does it make the game more fun, it also makes it less predictable. I don't know what else I can add, though paddles are out of the question because I tried and failed to try to include them. The thing about paddles is the code for paddles needs to know where in the screen you're trying to position them. I don't know, I've just started assembly and haven't figured that out yet. I'm just happy I made it this far in my game. I did not want to get up today, so I just slept until 8pm. Thinking more about it, "The Celery Game" seems like a good title. It's short and to the point. No radishes here, by golly.

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