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Battleblock Theater questions


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Sup? Just recently got into this game. Its been sitting on my xbox since live gave it as a free dl a while back. I got to say AWESOME. Pretty neat game with a great coop ability. The best part is when you finish you can make your own levels. Anyhow that's where my questions come in.


One. Is there a way to make portal blocks linked? I figured the color was the link but on playtesting was dissappointed to be just randomly thrown out any other block.


Two. In the game when you play the same level in coop some blocks from single player will be missing. It makes the level enough different to change up the mechanics for multiplayer. How do I set up removable multiplayer blocks?


Three. I can have an alternate secret exit but as of yet I have found no way to link it to another level. How do I assign another levels entrance to the secret exit?


And four. I now have enough custom levels to create a playlist. How do I play it properly instead of loading a level and testing? I'd like to make sure everything is working right behore uploading it and finding out two player mode don't work or secret links don't link.


Thanks for any help. The game is cool but even online info is either super vague or nonexistant.

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Wow. I guess nobody played this game. You should its awesome. Anyhow I can now answer some of my own questions.


Two. In the select building materials list ( right trigger) under menu 7 is a block with a 1 on it. Place these where you want alternate level design it appears on one player maps and disappears in multiplayer.


Three. Naming a level secret and saving in the 15th slot will link it in gameplay. It still wont work during testing but that's ok. That's why I playtest even the complete playlist to troubleshoot.


Four. You start a game and go to furbottomes theatre. From here you can opt to load a selfmade playlist. Unfortunately it doesn't work without access to live which is a bummer but until 360 live is dropped by MS its still lots of fun.


Still haven't figured out one though. I even tried using switch controlled blocks to controlled portals but I just transported randomly through or into them. Ill keep working on it but it probably just doesn't link for player made maps.


Anyhow. Now anybody got a playlist they made or enjoy they would like me to try?

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