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Dungeon Master Java

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You know , "Dungeon Master" is one of the great ATARI ST classic games.


Someone has made some kind of remake for JAVA , called Dungeon Master JAVA (it´s Freeware) , this is a very "open" game , because it comes with an editor and it is possible to use own graphics.


(You may even find new graphic sets when you use google and look for Dungeon Master).


Since it is written in Java , it should work on all platforms with a JAVA port - that includes LINUX and AMIGA etc.


Is there a JAVA port for the ATARI ST /TT or Falcon ?


If you know Dungeon Master,this game does not require big 3D gfx cards , it uses step-by-step 3D graphics , but the this is no "real 3D".


Should work on a VGA compatible ST , I think.



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Bonjour :)


Ataris are too slow to run a virtual Java program correctly, though a MiNT port of Java has been tried.


Without Java, but with GEM and GFA : I am working on a Dungeon Master clone called DGEM. It runs with the lasted Atari machines or emulators.

You can download it on my website. It takes a lot of RAM (2 Mo in 16 color screen mode) and it is not finished.


Carefull :

- under STeem, use TOS 2.06 and 1024*768 or 320*200*16c (VDI bug crash in 640*400 and 800*600)

- under Aranym, do not use the Sound option (imperfect, SDMA emulation)


Bye :)

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