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New Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Game: Handy Harvy


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Hey Everyone!


I'd like to announce the development of my latest project, Handy Harvy!


Handy Harvy is inspired by the film Wreck-It Ralph, as well as Ice Climber, Wrecking Crew, and Donkey Kong, but takes it to a whole different level. The game setup is in a familiar "tower climber" style, with the antagonist Rusty throwing kettle bells and bombs down on you, causing chaos and havoc on the building.


You play as Harvy and your mission is to try and save your girlfriend Leah from the neighborhood punk Rusty. Since Rusty is damaging the building you maintain, you need to repair the windows with your extra strength mystical duct tape.


Current progress of the game:

- Awards/Achievements engine done, I just need to think of a few more awards to unlock: 90% completed

- Introduction cut scene: 100% finished

- Title Screen 90% finished (menu needs some work)

- Music: 100% complete

- Sound Effects: 0% complete (this will take a few days to get the appropriate samples)

- Core Engine: 45% complete


Overall Progress: ~60% complete


Here's the latest progress video:



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Almost a year later, and there's finally an update!


First, here's the latest progress video:


Now, with the expo in August, Socks the Cat prep from August until the campaign ending, the release of AO and Get'em Gary for the NES and Bomb on Basic City for the Genesis, Harvy didn't get as much attention as I would've liked to give. That doesn't mean I wasn't able to work on it when I could, and get some stuff pushed further along.


So what's new in this update? Well, the game is nearly finished. The video shows that the game is 2 player co-op (as well as a single player mode), and every mechanic in action. The only major thing left to do in the engine is the level transition and loading up the next levels (and be playable), which is about half finished, then it's adding in some other smaller parts (making the player end their game when they're out of lives, ending the game when the timer runs out, high score input, etc.), so the project is very close to being finished.


Then I need to put together the different code files for the title screen + awards, the cut scene, and the engine together into one file, and then begins the final testing :D

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