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Bowling CX-2628 Blue Text?


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Hey guys. Just got a batch of carts from a local guy. They are mostly duplicates of stuff I already have, but there are a few new ones in there.


One oddity I ran across is Bowling, with blue text. Using the guide, I find red text associated with text label only?


Bowling isn't a rare title by a long shot, but I found this unusual. The AA guide is generally very good. post-5805-0-17907900-1469313934_thumb.jpg

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The AA guide is generally very good.

Mmm....nah. Well, it's okay. It was the definitive guide years ago, when there wasn't much else, but it's missing a lot of stuff. Check out http://videogamevariations.com/Atari2600.htm or AtariMania for more complete cart databases. (Not that they're *complete*...with all the pirate carts and hacks and stuff, worldwide, I doubt *complete* is even possible!)

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True. The 2600 has been around for a long time now. I've always held the AA guide in good esteem though. Found it odd that a text variant would be missing. I'll look at the other guides as well I guess. The blue is much cleaner than the red cart with these two. I actually need to check my crate to compare the conditions of dupes. Lol.

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