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HI everyone! This past tax season I went a little nuts for the Wii U and purchased a lot of stuff and games for it. I ordered a Nintendo certified refurbished unit directly from Nintendo as it was a little cheaper ($229 vs $299) and I was absolutely floored at Nintendo's refurbished standards. Other than the box saying "refurbished" I could not tell that this was not a brand new unit. It is mint in every way. I immediately applied a screen protector to the controller and started buying lots of games and accessories. And as I do (and never learn my lesson apparently) I bought all of this stuff and never play it. I really got into Super Mario 3D World (one of the best I have ever played!) but I am just too tired when I get out of work these days to do much other than listen to a song and watch TV :)


So, rather that letting this sit and collect dust I figured I'd try to sell it all in one shot. This is what I have (PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING):


Wii U 32GB deluxe console with everything it originally included...as well as the packaging and documentation and Nintendoland game. Also comes with a dust cover - $150 SOLD

Official Wii U Pro Controller with packaging - SOLD

Official charging cradle with packaging - $10

Official Gamecube controller adapter - SOLD

Energizer Wiimote rechargeable set with packaging - $10 SOLD

Four Wii U clean and protect kits (screen protector, styli, cleaning cloth) - $3 each

Wii Fit Plus (it is new, unused) - $40

Two Wavebird controllers (for use with the gamecube controller adapter) with receivers in excellent condition - $35 each BOTH SOLD

A stuffed Mario in cat suit just because! - Daughter took it!

The Shovel Knight Amiibo (new sealed) - $10


And these 21 games (all in brand new mint condition and complete):


Batman Arkham City - $12

Bayonetta 2 - $15

Call of Duty Ghosts - $8

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker - $20 SOLD

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze - $20

Ducktales Remastered - $10

Epic Mickey 2 - $10

Game and Wario - SOLD

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse - $20

Mario Kart 8 - SOLD

NES Remix Pack - $10

New Super Mario Bros. U - $15 SOLD

Ninja Gaiden 3 - $8

Shovel Knight - $15

Splatoon - $35

Super Mario 3D World - $20

Super Mario Maker (with original cardboard outer box and booklet) - SOLD

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition - $12

Yoshi's Woolly World - $25

Zombi U - $5



You may also notice that all games are in white cases. This is because I really did not like the official cases that are "Eco Friendly". The original cases have these cutouts in the plastic that can cause damage to the artwork (I originally had to return a game I purchased because that happened and exchange it) so I found a source for really nice white Amaray Yin/Yang style cases and swapped all of the games into them. Don't worry though as I kept all of the original Nintendo light blue (or red in some cases) cases and will include them with each game just in case you want to go back to them/make them original again.


PM If interested in anything.

















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No Wii U love on AA? I cannot emphasize enough how good this console is. I really had to debate selling it....but I am an old school gamer. I will give it a week and then off to crap-bay it goes I suppose. I will also trade the Wii U console for a nice condition Atari Jaguar with at least one controller and a game (and AV cables would be a plus!) if you have one.

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I will also trade the Wii U console for a nice condition Atari Jaguar with at least one controller and a game (and AV cables would be a plus!) if you have one.

I can't believe that I will say that, but for some reason, I like to keep my Jaguar than trading it for a WiiU. AND I know that WiU has games that are 1000% better then the Jaguar :ponder:.

There is something about the Jaguar...


I guess the Jag prices are going up for no reason. I was pretty lucky and got one from AA for a very reasonable price few years ago. I hope you are lucky to.


Good luck with your sale.

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I just wanted a Jag (again) as an afterthought. Basically another cart based system that I can include in my "wall of doom" that is currently being rebuilt. I think the prices are not indicative of what you find locally. I can get a Jag with controller and game for around $100 locally, but it might be scraped up and cruddy looking. I would trade this for a nice clean one for sure.

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You may be right. In five years everyone will be looking for one ;) I might have to ebay this one...ugh...


Eh, that's the problem.. The past trend with any modern console has been to keep dwindling in price until it's worth next to nothing, at least for a while. I think the Wii U will be no different. Sell it while you can still actually get something for it.

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