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Turning a Jakks Plug & Play into a Mini Tabletop Arcade


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I've been thinking of taking the Guts out of a Space Invaders Jakks Pacific TV Game and stuffing into all into a mini tabletop, such as an old broken Coleco Donkey Kong shell, or something similar. I promise I will not destroy a working unit! ;)


My question is about power: I found a small 3.5 LCD screen that takes 12v, and the Jakks Pacific unit is 6V. I'd like to be able to plug the unit in with a single AC Adapter and have a single power switch.


I built a big Bartop JAMMA cabinet and that was easy since it has a standard Arcade power supply in there. I'm wondering what sort of solution I should use for something tiny like this that will power both the 12V LCD and the 6V game box.


Any ideas?


Thanks for any help!



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