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King of Mersia WIP


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Hello, I have developed this little demo of one level of my recent game King of Mersia. I robbed the animations from Prince of Persia ;). The level is just a switch that you have to turn so a ladder appears and you can climb to the top of the level. I plan to add more levels but I wanted to show the concept of the game. The truth is, I wanted to make Prince of Persia but I only could achieve this :)


Source code:



The source code is a mess of pieces of other games I made, I need to clean it :)


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I decided to resume this game. Now the character can jump, grab the ceiling, and stay hanging from it. I wanted to do it more like Prince of Persia (from where I took the running and jumping sprites) Next step is to enlarge the world of the game. The only thing you can do now (if you run quickly to the left and don't fall) is switch one of the levers and a ladder will apear that will lead you to the exit door.

Edit: new files added, with latest version


Source code for second level (WIP):



Source code for two levels (1 and 2):









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