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So I got up yesterday morning and decided to work on adding a black and white function to Cellar Celery. By 4pm, I had one, but with varying scanlines. I decided to rewrite from version 29, and it took about 4 more hours before I had a working one. The first one worked on Stella and showed nothing but 262 scanlines, but when I put it in my Harmony cart, it jiggled at the beginning. So I refigured a variable, adding 1 to the scanline, and it worked without any jiggling of the display. I also figured out why my Colecovision has no sound: The case on it isn't closed all the way. This is due to me losing the screws when I opened the system to clean the power switch. So now I need some screws long enough to close the system up. I lost all 8 of them. I found 8 screws, though, but I guess they weren't long enough, so they must be from a different console I opened. Argh!

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