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Space Shuttle....


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I've been trying to play this thing on Stella (or whatever that emulator is) and haven't been able to figure it out. I've read the documents... but was wondering if perhaps the game is not fully compatable with the emulator.


I can't seem to utilize the difficulty switches and what not during gameplay.


Am I just up the creek without a paddle until i buy the game for my Atari... or does anyone know what I'm talking about?


BTW... this is my first post... I've been lurking for about a month though!


Eric DeLee

(I'm working on a tabletop Atari 2600... (kind of like the Coleco games of the 80's). I will have a website for you all in a week or so to check out! :)

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It definately works with Stella...it even runs my hacks ;)


SS is a very complex game...perhaps the most complex 2600 game. If the switches and actions aren't done correctly, you'll get a mission abort.


How far can you get before the game quits?


Note: in game 1, it plays all on it's own. Game 2 has the critical aborts active, and game 3 has all of them active.

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The reason why I didn't think that it worked w/ Stella was that I can't get off level 1. :roll: I can't even get to mission 2 or 3 (even though I know I'm not ready for them yet... I'm just beginning to learn the game).


More than likely it is an error on my part.


I'll try it again (as soon as I can get off of my Atari and quit playing River Raid II that I just picked up.



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Stella uses the function keys F1 to F8 for console switches...




F5/F6-left difficulty B/A

F7/F8-Right difficulty B/A

To pick a game, you would use F1 and press F2 to begin.


"Short" version of the Stella Space Shuttle walkthrough...


F1 twice to pick game 3

F2 to begin.

Press F4 F5 & F7 to be safe :)

When MET -0.15 appears, press F3 to power up the engines and begin the countdown.

When the countdown reaches MET -0.04, hold the controller button down to move the slider all the way to the right. When you lift off, you need to press the controller button to match up with the slider during ascent WHILE keeping watch on the little blips (use left & right to correct the angle blip, and up/down to correct the blip in the box). If the angle blip is too far off, the game will abort. If the slider is not matched up, you will lose fuel faster (you will also lose fuel if a klaxon alarm rings). The blip in the box should be centered so you won't have to make many adjustments to your orbit later on.

When ALT reaches 205.0, hit F4 to kill main engines and F8 to open the cargo bay doors...the shuttle will overheat in half a minute otherwise.

Move up/down to correct SPD to 23.9...this is the orbit speed and the shuttle's altitude will rise or fall if it is more or less.

Press F3 to turn the main engines back on. Press the controller down to make PIT = -028 (note the negative) and YAW = 000 (should already be correct)

And press F4 to turn off the main engines again.

Now you can manuver to approach the satellite. You'll need to use up/down to speed up or slow down to reach it, left/right to correct your sideways position, and up/down with the button pressed if you need to correct your altitude...which will change when your speed is not 23.9.

When X, Y, and Z all all zero for a moment, you will dock and the satellite will move far away from you again. This satellite will not appear if PIT or YAW were not set correctly above. When the satellite is finished moving away from you, your Z and Y might be off quite a bit...so you'll need to correct them again. Don't mess with them AS the satellite is moving away, this will just waste precious fuel.

When you are done docking as many times as you wanted, press F3 to turn the main engines on, press up to change PIT to -004 and left/right to change YAW to -128. The shuttle is now flying backwards in space...so you can press the button to quickly slow the orbit speed to 19.0. Quickly after, you need to press down to change PIT to +024 and YAW to 000. This will point the nose of the craft upwards and fly forward again...critical during re-entry or you will burn up. Then press F4 to turn off the engines and F7 to close the cargo bay doors. Occasionally, the shuttle's altitude will climb instead of fall...you might need to use the stick with the button depressed to help the shuttle fall down to 200.0 (fortunately, you don't have to worry about a "window of re-entry"...the 2600 shuttle can land anywhere).

Next, the display will change to show the glidepath again, and you'll need to mess with those blasted blips again. In the S-curve area, it's a little difficult, since the blips will disappear...and like before, the alarms will cost you fuel :x Get somebody to mop your forehead while landing.

When ALT falls to 30.0, you will be on final approach. Press F8 to lower the landing gear...and try to keep your nose up. You will see the runway in the cockpit windows. You can lower the nose momentarily to fall a bit faster if the runway gets really close, but you must have it up when RNG and ALT are both zero. You will hear the tires squeal, so hold the stick forward to lower the nose and brake. The game will abort if you overshoot the runway :x


"Now that wasn't such a chore...was it?!" - Ghostbusters

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Here's a couple of hacks if ya wanna practice...ss_fuel.bin gives you infinite fuel, and ss_cheat.bin gives you infinite fuel PLUS six dockings when you do one (easier to see the special screen) :D With infinite fuel, you won't have to worry about moving the slider around or "tapping" the controller instead of just holding it.



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