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RGB SCART-to-HDMI Upscaler - Image Offset


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Hi everyone.


(Long-time reader, first-time poster!)


I've recently got my Jaguar set up after many years of sleeping in the loft (the Jag, not me). I'm using one of these SCART-to-HDMI upscalers.


Overall, I'm pretty happy. Picture quality is decent, and Tempest 2000 sounds phenomenal through a 7.1 sound system that was the stuff of a mad-man's dreams back when it was released.


However, I've just noticed that the image from the upscaler is offset down and left by about 3cm, resulting in cropping on the bottom and right edges, and a black border on the top and left.


I'm guessing this is the upscaler's fault and not the Jag's, but I'm not certain (and I've got no other RGB-SCART sources to test with).


Just wondering if anyone's seen something similar and (maybe) had a fix?




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