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Additional tape programs are also sold . . .

Random Terrain

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Even STARLOG called them tapes:

STARLOG Number 11 (page 42)

Another major programmable TV computer comes from Atari, the company who invented the Pong game. Atari's Video Computer System sells for $189.95 and comes with a 27-game Game Program cartridge including a combat package of Tank, Bi-planes, and Jet Fighter with steerable and non-steerable missiles, cloud formations, and multiple fighter-versus-bomber games. Additional tape programs are also sold: Indy 500, Video Olympics, Air-Sea Battle, Space Mission, and Street Racer. Atari seems to take a more violent and destructive view than Fairchild of what keeps us happy at home in the way of TV games. Reports from first users of both the Fairchild and Atari systems indicate that the Fairchild wins hands down as the more complex and interesting system.

It was January of 1978, back when most people were still painting pictures on cave walls and learning how to make fire, so they had an excuse for misunderstanding the technology of the gods.

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That's a fun read.


I really like the sentence later in the article that reads, "many computer manufacturers realize that people who want computers at home don't want to have to spend six months at computer training institutes, so pre-written programs are becoming increasingly available"

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