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Best way to make a disk that plays an animated GIF?

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On another C64 oriented forum, there recently was a fellow who made his own tool to export full hires frames out of an animated GIF. Currently it is a work in progress that goes bananas with the colour attributes, but there may be room for improvement.


How little work do you want to apply, is this a one time operation or something you'd like to apply to pretty much any GIF with instant results? I think taking apart the GIF into frames, convert those to images one by one and then find a way to load and display as many as possible might be a good way forward. The sprite example is cool, if that is the size you were aiming for.


A few more links:


Not sure what this does, but it might be worth having a look.



If you've got a 16 MB REU, you could preload it with frames and stream video using the Nuvie player. This page is in German, but there ought to be information in English too.



Recent streaming using an Arduino connected to a C64: http://www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=61366

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