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mame and the ti


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anyone out there trying to setup the ti on mame ? I cannot figure it out can you?



Setting up MAME for the TI is much easier than it looks. However, I need some more information from you beyond "cannot figure out".


I'm the current maintainer for the TI family within MAME, I'll be glad to help (see my message signature). You can also send me PM.


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If you get an error output like



994a_rom_hb.u610 NOT FOUND (tried in ti99_4a ti99_4a)
994a_rom_lb.u611 NOT FOUND (tried in ti99_4a ti99_4a)
994a_grom0.u500 NOT FOUND (tried in ti99_4a ti99_4a)
994a_grom1.u501 NOT FOUND (tried in ti99_4a ti99_4a)
994a_grom2.u502 NOT FOUND (tried in ti99_4a ti99_4a)


you are using an outdated set of system ROMs. Please go to WHTech (ftp.whtech.com) and download the ti99_complete.zip from the "/System ROMs/MAME" folder. Do not unzip the contained zip files (will still work, but is not necessary and causes quite a mess). You should place all files ti99_*.zip and geneve.zip in the roms folder of your MAME installation.


Also, you should exchange the ZIP cartridge files to be able to use the software list. The ZIP cartridges are found on WHTech under /Cartridges/MAME/all_carts.zip. Also here, just unzip this package, but do not unzip the contained cartridge ZIPs.

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