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Ben Heck's hand soldered portable 2600


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I haven't seen this posted before. Ben Heck makes a portable 2600 on perf board in these videos.

Part #1 - Creating the circuit and basic tests:

Part #2 - Making a 3D printed case, fitting it all together:


You might want to fast forward through the "ads" in the middle of the builds.

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He has a few other 2600 videos. He made a similar 2600 portable a few years ago. And he also has a video where he shows you how to make the case for his 2600 portable from his how to book. And he has a video where he repairs an Atari Video Music. He is really an Atari Fan.

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I hope his manufacturing skills have gotten better, with time. I am the owner of Ben Heck #2, which the casing was put together entirely with hot glue...some parts of it have fallen apart.




Yea I never trust hot glue to hold up, its one of my twitches when I see someone making something and they just flood fill everything with hot glue and call it a day (gameboy zero looking at you)

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I had seen these.

I do love to watch him solder.

I know the 3 main Atari 2600 chips, but when the board he used is only the size of those three chips, and it ends up a working 2600, that is just amazing.

really mind equals blown.

Of course all it shows is the connection/soldering of the bus and data lines, you don't see how he fit in all the other parts like the crystal, power, input/output, resistors, caps, etc.


Kevtris saying, "The system was too expensive to buy, so I made one..." is shocking itself, but seeing it is another "mind=blown"!


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I've known lunkheads that use hot glue in lieu of soldering. Soldering! sigh


when I made my nintoaster I made sure there was as little glue as possible, there ended up being about 2 drops of epoxy cause I drilled the holes for the threaded hex standoff's holding up the 7805 voltage regulator a tiny bit loose for 8-32 threads and while it was fine I wanted a tighter fit ... there's 3 drops of super glue on the RCA jacks cause my red locktite was dried up, and there's a tiny bit of black silicone gasket maker goo going around the controller port holder cause I didnt like the gap tween the metal and the acrylic.


everything else is machine screw threaded, and probably about half a box of screws made for plastic (dual twist thread, one thin one thick one like a durn drill bit), even the light dark knob is press fit (well the inner nob not the one on the outside) took about 500lbs, but darn it it wont fall off cause I twisted it too hard lol


I dont have a problem with glue, I love glue, I just know that using some dollar tree hot snot on some plastic is going to hold up about as well as a paper raincoat, done right it might even last a while, but its going to fail at some point

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Not always.


We pronounce it the same way but...

I wanted to edit this as I just had a thought today! That is, it is only a certain demographic who might use it as a term of endearment. Someone not too far removed from what Americans know as rednecks :-D Savoury types anyway!

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