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Where exactly should I put the multimeter?


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OK, so.. got an O2 off ebay.. trying to hook it up to an old Spectricon tv with the VHF screw connectors. It's a first model without the type F cable. Doesn't seem to work. Have tried Channel 3 and 4, and have made sure the prongs are securely connected to the VHF section. No results. Now, before I go and get the standard type F and plug in that way, is there an easy way I could check the system to make sure that is isn't dead? It came with 2 power supplies both OEM and have tried both of them to no avail. It's been a long time since I've tinkered with electronics so I have to borrow a multimeter from work tomorrow but as the topic states, I don't know where to put my positive and negative clamps at to check it. If anyone out there has an O2 and wouldn't mind taking theirs apart to visually show me, they'd be a true gentleman/lady and a scholar.

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I left the system on since I posted this and it got warm on the back so I'm going to just assume the switchbox is a d-bag and mod it .. so scope of question changing.. what's the best modern cable that isn't too fat to fit? http://www.ozyr.com/o2/tvcordhk.htmlunless someone smarter than I (ie anyone else on AA) still thinks it's a power supply issue :)

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