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Kinder im Verkehr! German Safety Frogger!


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I know it didn't officially have an exclamation mark, but it's the Odyssey2! So we have to!

OK OK, sillyness aside, I'd never heard of this title before until today when I was browsing archive.org. Found a little information on it but I am very curious. Does anyone have any information about this release? It seems odd to give away the Euro console to schools just to have a rather unfun version of Freeway. ;)


The CSV Video-Traffic Games Edition of the G7000 was given to primary schools in a small region of West Germany. The package consisted of a G7000 and two special games -- Verkehrsspiele 1and Verkehrsspiele 2 -- that were used to teach children how to behave on the street. The console set is nothing more than a repackaging of a regular Philips G7000. The package comes with a special "Video-Traffic Games" sticker affixed to the TV screen depicted by the box art. It contains a regular G7000, the two games, and some documentation.

The first volume of the traffic games was also given away to members of the German Commander-ROM club as Videopac "V," and retitled Kinder im Verkehr 1 (Kids in Traffic 1).
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