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For Trade: 12 Atari Games, 1 Genesis game


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All are very common per my experience, but I figured I would offer them up to the forum before I just took them to the game shop for a trade in. All are in playable condition.

List is as follows, all are US releases, NTSC


Atari 2600 - All cartridge only, no box or instruction manuals.

Atlantis - Minor scratches on label

Amidar - Damage to label

Circus Atari - Missing end label

Pac Man - Sears version, discoloration/spots on label

Pac Man - Atari Version, similar wear to the sears cartridge, missing end label

Haunted House - some wear/fading to label

Race - Text label, One is missing end label, other is not

Pitfall! - wear to label, especially on edges. label has been re-glued in some spots

Pitfall II - no major wear on label, only minor fading

Stampede - wear and discoloration on label, some spotting. label bubbling up in some spots, tear on label on the part where it curves over to the end

Grand Prix - Fading on label, looks to have been re-glued. wear on edges of label


Sega Genesis

NHL 95 - includes case, no manual. Couple of small tears on outside of case. Case still holds the cartridge firmly and closes correctly. Minor wear on edge of cartridge label.




I'm open to trades for Atari 2600, or Colecovision games, I have a small Colecovision collection and I am not picky about condition so long as it is playable, so it would be pretty easy to trade me some common titles for that system if anyone is interested. I was expecting to get a buck or less per cartridge as store credit at the shop I was looking to trade them at, and they probably wouldn't even take the sports game, so i'm not expecting much. I figure at very least they'd make good shells for anyone doing any homebrews.


Thanks for looking

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