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I enjoyed season 1 of Killjoys, so when season 2 showed up for pre-order in iTunes back in June for $19.99 I bought it.

I didn't start watching the series right away, but when I finally got around to watching episode 1 I thought it was rather odd that it ended without any ending credits. So I dropped iTunes Support a note on July 23rd:

Killjoys Season 2 Episode 1, "Dutch and the Real Girl"

This episode may be missing content as it abruptly ends at 42:10 w/out displaying any ending credits. I have tried deleting and downloading the episode again with the same result.

On the 26th they wrote back:

Thanks for contacting us about your recent iTunes purchase. The quality of items in the iTunes Store is important to us and we appreciate your bringing this to our attention. We will investigate the issue with this item, but I can't say when the issue will be resolved.

I'm sorry to hear that your recent purchase did not meet your expectations. I understand that this may be disappointing, and I assure you that the iTunes Store takes the quality of the products we offer seriously. I'll be glad to investigate this issue and provide you with a resolution.

I'm issuing you a full refund for the purchase.

Within ten business days, $21.24 should be posted to the credit or debit card used to make the purchase.

If there’s anything I can assist you with further on this just let me know.

I thought refunding the entire purchase was an odd response, but then thought perchance that was a way of saying "thanks for letting us know there's a problem." However, when I got back from my weekend getaway to Austin, I realized that new episodes were no longer showing up on my Mac mini, so I took a look in the iTunes Store and saw this:

so they'd cancelled my subscription :? . At first I thought no biggie I'll just resubscribe, but then I thought why should I pay 25% more for the season when they made the mistake. So on August 1st I sent this:

I think there's been a misunderstanding. I've been enjoying the show, and *DID NOT* wish to cancel my subscription to it. I just wanted to let you know that the first episode appeared to be short as there were no ending credits.

I'd resubscribe myself, but see the price has gone up to $24.99. Can you reinstate my subscription for Killjoys Season 2 for the original $19.99 that I paid back on June 27th?

Their response was:

Thank you for getting back to me. Unfortunately I cannot control the sale price the developer/owner of Killjoys Season 2 but I can offer you a movie rental credit to help make up the difference.

I’ve issued a movie rental credit to your iTunes Store account. You can use this for any movie rental available on the iTunes Store priced $3.99 or less.

With all the content I can access I seldom rent movies so giving me something I don't really want, which doesn't even make up the price difference, is not something I consider to be an acceptable solution. So I've cancelled my HBO and Showtime subscriptions via iTunes and will reconsider where I buy my à la carte content and music from in the future.

Maybe this will help:

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