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Mod Kits for Various Use

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So I made a bunch of RGB, S-Video, and AV mod kits for various systems.

They are all licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0


I do not know anything about who has the intellectual property rights to the circuits themselves, I only designed the boards.

[i will eventually go back and either link sources or come up with my own circuits to negate potential claims] on a related note I need an O-scope

If someone has a claim and does not want these listed/sold etc, PM me or something.


I only sell the ones that I have rights to.

(To clarify the THS7314 RGB mod kits I sell are pretty much exactly what is in the specs in the PDF for the thing itself. I have rights only over the physical board design)


Specifically for personal use and or installing inside of other peoples systems I don't care at all if you print these and install them as part of a 'mod service'.



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You should couple this with your SNES project and create a Coleco HDMI board.


The ADV7181 and ADV7513 both look like interesting devices....

I was going to use something like this:



the pin spacing on the output side it 2.54 so it can use header pins.

Which means I could sandwich a board below it that has something that converts SD to HD video and then a HDMI encoder.

Basically that would mean that any system that you could mod for composite,S-Vid, RGB, Component, would be able to be converted to HDMI and then mounted into a console.


All the jumpers on the board are to set the filter mhz (whatever that means idk) or to turn them off completely.

Whatever is going on inside the OSSC might be a better way to do something like this idk.


The THS7360 (if I did it right) should let you get Component, composite, and S-Video out of the Colecovision.

Since Luma, Chroma, and Sync are mixed to make composite I dunno if you could get both out of the same kit at the same time.


Anyway back to the HDMI out for many systems the issue is that its just converting SD to HD and not a FPGA. So analogue to HD is not as good as keeping everything digital using a FPGA to read the output of the actual chips on consoles, (but that would be alot more work so yea).


I am taking my time researching the datasheets to make sure that the THS7360 is the last SD Mod kit that I will ever need.

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The ColecoVision might require a little extra work because the video signals are non-standard. An RGB mod for the CV would be awesome BTW...

The S-video/Composite portion of the coleco is confirmed to work with the THS7314 refer to:


I used the THS7314 instead of the LM318 with zero issues (may need more testing IDK).

The coleco has component on it (I think). Component shouldn't be difficult to convert to RGB. (god I still need an O-Scope)

I use the THS line of chips to "normalize" video out but you may have to use a transistor (or something) to get it in-line with what the THS7360 will accept.

I really haven't tested any portion other than Luma/Chroma and CV and haven't had the time to dig deeper.


If I were to make a RGB kit specifically for the coleco Id use the THS7314 and LMH1251 (may need a LM1881 as well)

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So component (not necessarily amped with the THS7314)> LMH1251> LMH657X (pick one that hopefully can take ground instead of negative 5V) > RGB out

If I have to use negative 5 just use an inverter (perhaps a TL7660)

Pull sync from H/V sync for VGA (RGB H/V) and have an ext Sync line for RGBS.


The problem with all of this is that the data sheet for the LMH1251 apparently supports 480P-1080P.

So I have no clue what the heck it will do if I try to feed it a signal lower than 480p. Maybe I need some type of line doubler circuitry ?

I may need something else to get RGB out.


Ill work on it more later this is what I have so far:


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