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Vectrex 68A09

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This is the best place to ask, because we 8 bit guys know our stuff!


I have been working on three Vectrex's, and I need to know the best place to find a spare Motorola 68A09. Does anybody have a spare or know where to get one in the US?


Much appreciated for any help. EDIT: I noticed there are 68B09's on ebay, will those work?


Thanks, Paul

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I just sold mine for $250. Probably could have gotten more.


Wow :-o


I didn't realize the value had gone up so high. Probably because not all that many got made, and/or people didn't hang on to them over the years. I got mine with all the accessories for $20 at a flea market about 15 years ago.


- Michael

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There are two major variations of the 6809. The 6809E, and the 6809. The two are not interchangeable as they have slightly different buss signals.

Beyond that there are versions rated for different clock speeds. Faster models can be substituted for slower ones.
The 68B09 can replace the 68A09, and the 68B09E can replace the 68A09E.
The Hitachi 6309 is also a drop in replacement.

Just don't cross between E and non-E versions and you'll be ok.

BTW, this board has a Vectrex section under Classic Gaming General.

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