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ported H7N9 to Colecovision

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Very cool. I wandered around. This has good potential. I could not figure out how to grab the keys though.


I like the chicken, the speed, the maze and exploring.


Do you have any instructions?


hi everyone!
i ported H7N9, a game i submitted to a zx-spectrum contest last year (zxs retro game jam, at itch.io), to Colecovision
enjoy! (and be welcome being blunt on critiques! :D )

(it still have some bugs to be fixed)

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thanks! :)


no instructions yet


the zx-spectrum version has less bugs: http://www.boriel.com/wiki/en/index.php/ZX_BASIC:Released_Programs#H7N9


the game is quite simple, it has 3 keys, 3 eggs and 3 walls (1 red, 1 blue and 1 green of each) - each wall disappear when you find its respective key - and the game is supposed to get over as you find the 3 eggs


on the Colecovision there are (at least) 2 bugs i’m still struggling on: the keys and eggs are supposed to appear in the middle of the screen only, and the walls are only appearing as blue

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3 hours ago, OriginalJohn said:

It seems this game has an update?  https://nitrofurano.itch.io/h7n9

I just ran across this in the NonGood Coleco file from archive.org (not really appropriately named, as it's got a lot of neat obscure homebrews)

I had to chuckle when it first started as it looked like an abstract art demo at first with all the hatchwork turning into a chicken in a clearing. Then I realized the chicken moved and there were tunnels going everywhere.

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