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FS: System Fairchild (Channel F) items.


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Updated 8th of August 2016:

Have done inventory on my collection and found a few spare items.
Any brand of System Fairchild cassettes works on any other brand of System Fairchild units.
Take a chance to improve the visual appearance of your collection.

Boxes have been scanned in flatbed scanner in 150dpi, resulting images have been saved as png and uploaded to postimage - no edits at all have been made images show the item for sale.
Cartridges have been flash photographed without any image improving filers, rotated and directly uploaded to postimage - no edits have been made, images show the item for sale.

Also have a box of PCB:s, if you have a non-working cart it may be possible to replace the insides, let me know what you need.


10 just box, abrasions on top side, small tear at lid



12 just box, slightly torn in upper left corner



16 just cart, this is pale yellow 16 version with pink VIDEOCART-text - pretty much perfect



17 just box, normal wear no damages, price tag remnants on the 7,

18 just box, missing flap of top lid, worn and tape residue, Fairchild logo version (yes there's one without).



SOLD 23 Loose cart, purple+orange Zircon version

SOLD 25 with proper box but with homemade edge label, photocopied instructionbooklet

SOLD 26 just cart

SOLD 26 Complete, top surface torn and repaired on booklet, pen has been tested on box.



Damaged or very worn items can be sent for postage cost only.
Got a loose SABA cart - complete it.

I= Instruction booklet, only palin SABA no multi-lingual.
B= Box
B*= Box that doesn't have SYSTEM in front of FAIRCHILD logo

If you're interested, let me know and I'll publish a scan if it's missing, some items are very worn some in very good condition.

Boxes without the word SYSTEM before the FAIRCHILD-logo are most likely early versions that exists up to at least #6 AFAIK.
This variation is not on cartridge labels, only have one and that's an odd one #4 with an edge label that is only black/white and also has plastic like the American carts.
FND has a #3 with the same look, b/w and laminated:

Big faults are listed, not "normal" wear.
"flaps" are the little pieces that are folded in from the sides before closing top or bottom lid.

1 B, B (one flap missing), I (it's entirely home-laminated)
2 B* (patch of abrasion on bottom lid), B, B, I, I

3 B*, B, B (missing one flap, worn off 3 on top lid, deep fold creases)
4 B, I

5 B, B (one flap missing, one half way torn)

6 B, B, B (faint bottle or mug mark over logo), I, I, I

7 B, B, B, B, I, I, I, I

8 B, B, B (one flap is held with tap), B (missing one flap), I, I, I, I, I

9 B, B, B, B (wrinkled - knee on top in a sofa?)

10 B, B, B, B, I, I, I

11 B, B, B (three half flaps torn off), I, I

12 I, I

13 B, B

14 B, I

15 B, B (one flap gone), B (small moist damage), I, I


18 B, I, I

19 I, I

SOLD 19 just cart, faint writing on label looks like it has been used as support when writing says 305 DM 5DM, hardly visible from front

SOLD 20 Cart and box missing two flaps.
20 Complete set:


20 just box, missing three of four flaps

I might add more stuff if possible.
Possibly interested in trades, some items in my collection look a bit poor, mainly want to help collector colleagues and not (only) looking to fill my pockets with cash.
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I'm into exotic Channel F. If you have any of these, I'm interested in buying or trading. I don't have a lot of ChF for trade (a few ITT carts, a few Nordemende carts, some manuals), but I do have other systems to trade.


Fairchild Channel F: DemoCart#2 box/inst only (send pix if it exists)
Luxor: box/inst only: 4,15,17,18,21
Nordemende: 7,8,13
Saba: instructions only:#1,3,13,16
ITT: 2,3(p),4,5,10
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