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1064 memory expansion not working


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hey folks



I got two 1064 memory expansions here right next to me


one of them works flawlessly, memory self-test shows no errors


I connected the other one, pushed and held the option key and turned the 600XL on, but the self-test screen didn't show up, screen stayed black, that's it


Turning on the computer without Option key: screeen with »READY« shows up. However, while typing some keys work, other keys do not, producing an error sound and messages like »ERROR 136«


Could it be, that there's no problem with the memory chips, but with connection port, perhaps due to corrosion? What do you think?

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Hi just a quick question regarding the memory chips inside the atari 1064 can you buy modern replacement chips to fit inside the 1064 ??? If so what are they called ?

They are the same 4164 type DRAM(64k x 1-bit) used in most of the Atari 8-bit computers

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