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VBXE to Framemeister: Powered CSYNC?

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Short story:

When connecting a VBXE, is the CSYNC from pin 15 of CD4050 powered? If so, how many volts?


Long story:

I'm trying to connect a VBXE to a Framemeister. I've rigged a cable, but it gives a crappy picture. So I'm looking at:




That looks cool. I've got plenty of SCART cables so I should be set. However it "Requires a EuroSCART cable which is wired for either 5 volts or 12 volts on pin number 8 of the SCART plug. This is needed to power up the LM1881 video sync separator circuit and without this required voltage you will not get a picture on your Framemeister."


So... will pin-15 of CD4050 connected to SCART pin-8 give me the 5 or 12 volts I need?


Also, in the VBXE installation instructions for using a SCART cable, nothing is hooked up to pin 8. What's up with that?




- Joe

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CSync is a 5V signal at the pin of the 4050.


But generally you wouldn't rely on it to power anything significant. You'd probably need to check the datasheet but the current is probably in the order of 10 or less mA.

Also, CSync although active low (so mostly in high state) does stay low for most of the 3 scanlines of VSync.

CSync on the Atari is XOR of HSync and VSync.

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Also, in the VBXE installation instructions for using a SCART cable, nothing is hooked up to pin 8. What's up with that?



See page 15 of the installation guide:




VBXE RGB control is connected to SCART pin 16 (BLNK) to turn on RGB mode. The note at the bottom of the page explains the situation with pin 8, and according to the SCART spec only 1-3v is required for RGB. I haven't measured the voltage coming off VBXE's RGB switch pin, but I don't think you'd want to power anything off that either.

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I haven't used a SCART cable yet. I just have a lot of them lying around, and the linked adapter in my first post looks like a nice, professionally made option.


I've connected an Apple IIGS RGB out to the Framemeister and it looks beautiful, but I had to rewire the cable to work with the included JP21 adapter. A SCART adapter would make things a little easier.


The Framemeister doesn't have a VGA input, at least mine doesn't. I tried a VBXE DB9 out, but the image looked awful. It was all blurry and washed out. Clearly I did something wrong, so I wanted to try the SCART out option.

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