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Did 7800 come with a separate box or switch to hookup to tv like NES did? Or will what I use for 2600 or JR work on 7800. I lost my little rca to coax adapter. I keep loosing those things they are so small.


I made an offer and finally got one cheap with 2 proline controllers with side buttons. Red, orange, and silver. Not the black rectangles with 2 buttons. Hope it works.




I got this off ebay some time ago. Works on my 4k tv and smaller CRTs. Works on my sears tele and JR. Will that also work on the 7800 to test and see if it works and I got a good deal?

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Your lil' box there is just a coax a/b/c switch with fancy labels. You'll still need something to turn the RCA out into a coax one to plug into your TV.


Like Kosmic Stardust said, get another adapter. If you get 3, you can hook up your 7800, jr, and tele all at once. (That's what your 3 button switch is for.)


Let me know what games you like when it comes- I'm a newbie too (just got my 7800 yesterday), so I'm on the lookout for the good stuff ;)

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