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Atari Vader needs help. Screwy video issue in search of help.


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Hi everyone!


I just picked up a Vader with a frayed coax. I thought no biggie; just crack it open and swap it out. Once I did, I realized that there was something else wrong. When I turn it on, it only shows an image for a second and it quickly goes black and white. Then it disappears completely. I managed to see the Pole Position logo and Superman over Atari Metropolis before it went dark.


Any helpful advice? Thanks in advance you guys.

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I would take a look under that metal shield for corrosion or a chip with a bad leg or any other issues. Could be a bad trace, cold solder joint, bad chip etc. More than likely your power is okay since it works briefly, but you can verify 10v, 0, 5v at the voltage regulator to confirm. Could be a bad cap also...

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Mine goes to black and white then it goes dark. Bad capacitor or chip?



Have you measured the output of the voltage regulator? Do so, both while the unit is working fine and then when it goes dark. Good shot it's bad. Alternately, the green "chiclet" cap might be bad. Both components are still available new, and cheap. Check major electronics parts retailers like Jameco or just buy from eBay like many of us. If either of those are the problem, they're easy fixes.

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