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The last two nights I tried to work on Lowercase I. After failing, along with the Action 54 bug I have to do, I've finally decided to give up coding. It's making my life miserable and it certainly isn't fun, especially when you work for months on end on something just to give up on it, angry, bitter and defeated. So after reviewing my life , asking myself "is coding making it better or worse," and answering myself with a resounding "worse!" I've decided to give it up once and for all. That's not to say I haven't given up video games at all, I've just given up trying to make them and ending up with crap that a five-year-old could do better making. Right now it's looking like every single facet of my life is a stupid pathetic failure. I can't do anything without messing what I've done so far up. Oh well, guess I now have way too much time on my hands. Better spend my new found time in the living room with the dog while mom's out.

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