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Auto fire?


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The 7800 I got off ebay arrived today just couple hours ago. Still got to find an ac adapter. Anyhow all is good and looks in good shape. A little dust or something rattling inside but nothing major after I opened it up. All looks decent.




Anhow it came with 2 controllers. I don't have a ac adapter to test. I will keep an eye out. So I used the my JR just to test. First pic. Controller on the right works fine. But the one on the left keeps auto firing. Was playing space invaders and they move left and right and only fire when I press orange buttons on the sides. But the controller on the left fires all the time when plugged in even when I am not pressing the side buttons. Its not a bad jr because it is only that controller. The other one is OK. I actually like it so I can move left and right with one hand and can hold the controller with the other had. And I don't have to press the buttons. It just rapid fires and kills the invaders. But I know that's not normal. And idea why its doing that?



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