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Congratulations to Mr. Joel Hopkins for upcoming Guinness Recognition!

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He talks of getting boxes of hundreds of 360 games in the mail and such. While I appreciate his memories of the games he grew up with, and his original copies, I wonder if the need for EVERYTHING is healthy.


I collect the games I love. If I don't like it or don't have any connection to it, it's sold. The second rule I made for myself is to keep everything within the confines of my game cart. It keeps me from buying too many games that I'll never play.


I know exactly what he's feeling inside. I think most of us do. He even admits it's not healthy. I hope it brings him happiness, but more importantly, I hope he knows when to pull the plug and just enjoy what he has.

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..not to mention all the homebrew material, and user's groups stuff and protos and type-ins. Those are games too, are they not?


It is when you expand out from a few complete systems to "Everything" that the hopelessness of the situation reveals itself. I had 1/32 of that, and had hired help to push the limits further, the amount of stuff seemed to grow exponentially and soon I was looking at a warehouse across town. Forget it! I'm done! Even day-trader mega-rich won't help much. The problem isn't just funding, it's organization and knowing what to acquire.


All of us here at AA could donate all our collections and it wouldn't be any closer to completion! If someone would sit down with the guy and explain it to him like I just said, I bet he'd lose interest once the magnitude of the problem became apparent.


Believe me when I say it's best to focus on a couple 2 or 3 systems and use emulation to pick up the rest. This way you enjoy the essence of your favorite childhood games in great detail and can still see and experience any other system out there.

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