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Hollywood Brawler/Scammer Brawler


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A game I wanted to make that has you beating up annoying celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, just to name a few, in only a 32k size. You only have two moves: kick and punch.

The story goes as follows: You're a former Hollywood star who has had it with stars of today making so much money for doing so little and being arrogant and self-centered.. So you've decided to knock some heads of some famous people along with the usual punks and weirdos. But you only have two modes of pain: kick and punch. They know you're coming. So they've decided to take you on.

The Easy mode has you just beating up celebrities until you get until a certain point. In the Hard mode, you must travel through the mean streets of Hollywood until you meet a certain ugly guy. Even I don't know what celebrity he or she resembles.

Use the control pad to move forward or backward. You cannot move backward to another screen- just forward. The "fireboxes" sometimes replenish your health. Left button is for punch, right button for kick.

In Easy mode, your HP is 150; Hard mode 100. You'll notice your walking speed varies in each version. In Easy mode, you'll walk slow; in Hard mode, a bit faster.





UPDATED 8-17-16

If you're interested in a cart, please post your request below. I've already started soldering EPROMs to the boards. I found out this game on a real 7800 will give fingers and thumbs a workout.

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Been working on getting the enemies a bit more challenging. Some of them you won't be able to move to the right unless you punch or kick them. There is supposed to be a hidden enemy in the HARD setting after a certain point in which I still have work on. (Updated version is on top of thread.)


And here's a proposed label for the cartridge:



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