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Maybe a compatibility issue. My 7800 hates koolaid man. It comes on but start it and you randomly jitter around the screen. Works fine on my 2600's though.


Psu will need to be 9 volt 500 ma. Its an ear phone style plug with a positive tip. You can get a multi adapter from walmart for 5-10$

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I have the same issue with my copy of Burgertime on my 7800, even though it works fine on the 2600. The issue described with Kool-Aid Man also shows up for me with my 7800. My guess is these two games simply have some issue with compatibility with 7800 consoles, especially given that both of them are M Network games.


My 7800 console is the first model with the exposed expansion port, incidentally, but I don't think that plays a factor in these issues. I think it's just a problem with that particular game not being compatible with the 7800 for some reason.

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