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So I woke up at three a.m. this morning. I wanted to get the music done for level 4 of Mr. Ultra 2. The old computer was being a s--thead and not cooperating with me. So I backed up all the files needed for Mr. Ultra 2 to compile on my website. The new computer was being slow, and when I went to restart it, I noticed it wanted an update. So I restarted it. It took about 10 minutes but it did its little thing. The music for level 4 of Mr. Ultra 2 is done. I think I'm only going to have 6 levels this time because of space issues. Earlier this year I learned that in order to make a 64k Game Gear game it needs to be split up into 4 16k banks instead of having one big huge 64k bank. Mr. Ultra 2 is one 32k bank. I can't do that if I decide to make Mr. Ultra 3 next year. So I composed the music and put it in the game. Sounds real nice, too, in my opinion. These compositions don't need to be very long since the levels themselves aren't very long. The underwater song is about 19 seconds long and loops. There is still some stuff i need to do to finish level 4. I need to make a new enemy for the level, and change the layout to make it special for level 4. Perhaps I'll make this level longer. And Mr. Ultra isn't swimming underwater, he's walking on the sea floor. He can do it without oxygen because he's Mr. Ultra. I need an idea for level 5. Ice, desert, beach, they've all been done in the first Mr. Ultra game.

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