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Mini Arcade Alert!


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Saw this at a Walmart today. If the price goes down, I might pick it up as a fun decorative item. I think there was an '01' on the front of the package; not sure what the meaning was if any. First in a series perhaps? Or maybe I'm just imagining things; I should've taken it down to take a closer look.

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So I bought one of these today. Cool all around package, right down to the packaging itself! Display is nice and easy to see, but yeah - Pac-Man himself is a wee bit small. The realistic maze and arcade sounds are a super nice touch though. Not usually into LCD games, especially cheesy knock-offs, but this truly is one of the best of its type.

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I found Space Invaders and another Pac-Man at an area Walmart a couple days ago. Space Invaders is fun and I noticed the boxes at Walmart are different from the ones I saw at Toys R Us and Kmart. Also, these things seem to be selling out fast in my area. Toys R Us was already sold out and tonight that Walmart was sold out of both games too.

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I Have This One, And I Agree, The Stick Is A Bit Stiff, Apart From That It's A Decent Pac-Man Conversion

I Also Have The Space Invaders Version:

(For Some Reason, The Space Invaders Gives You An Instant Game Over If You Destroy Half The Invaders On A Random Board After Board 3, So It's Like The Game Decides If You're Going To Succeed Or Not.)



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This handheld VFD version from Entex in 1981 was my favorite when I was a kid. It was challenging and I loved to play it at night in the dark, the blue screen and hypnotic sound effects quite trance inducing. It also had a 2 player mode with controls on opposite side that let a buddy operate a ghost and chase you. Maybe I'll chase one down on ebay...


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So no thread about the 2 new ones from this "yet another Atari" company?

Q*bert and Centipede.

Walmart has them for $19.87, including 3 AA batteries in them.

Pac Man and Space Invaders as show above, B&W LCD segmented display, are on sale with these.








Real LCD screens! Backlit! 4-way Joystick! (Yep, joystick for centipede folks, diagonals don't even work. At least this game and the Emulator don't respond to diagonals, just Up Down Left Right)

Fake 7800 Centipede and NES Q*bert courtesy of "NES on a chip".


Yes, the 7800 Centipede is identical to the Flashback 1's version. I compared them side-by-side. (Well, okay, Mini Arcade to NES.emu playing Flashback 1's Centipede ROM.)
According to the YouTube video I saw of Mini Arcade Q*bert, he thought it looked like the NES Q*bert.
When I saw the next YouTube video was Mini Arcade Centipede, I bought one.
The Q*bert sounds are so "wrong" I can't justify purchasing that, (unless they turn out to be hackable with Raspberry Pi's then this Screen and cabinet with joystick and buttons for 20 bucks sound like a good deal.)
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Centipede and Q*bert now? And color LCD... wow! Haven't seen these anywhere near me and rarely ever do. Will just order online instead of wasting time, gas and money searching around town for them.


Wonder if the Coleco people are still pondering reviving the tabletops...? If stuff like this can be produced and retailed for less than $20, should be able to see something comparable screen wise, but styled like the originals. :love:

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