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Intellivision Celery

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Hey @atari2600land,


For as long as I've been lurking AtariAge, I've noticed you working on these many games for many different consoles. I always get a kick out of their names and enjoy checking out your development blogs here and there.


Do you have a full list of all the games you've worked on somewhere? or just a list of all the consoles you've developed for, even if it didn't result in a completed game


I'm curious how many different platforms you've interacted with by now. Hope to see you keep it up.

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Thanks for following me and the kind words.

Here's a list of the consoles I've developed for:


Game Boy

Atari 2600

Atari 7800

Atari Jaguar


Odyssey 2

Pokemon Mini

Virtual Boy

Channel F

Game Gear

and a tiny bit of dabbling on Colecovision that ended up nowhere.


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