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PSP Vita vs. GPD?


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Okay, here's what I'd like...


I'd like one device that can emulate the following systems at full speed:

- Atari 2600



- Sega Genesis


Great, but not 100% necessary:

- Commodore 64


- Atari 7800

- Atari 5200

- Game Gear

- Game Boy


Nice, but can live without it:

- ColecoVision

- Intellivision

- Vectrex

- Commodore VIC=20

- Commodore 128


Would either Vita or GPD do a good job??


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The PSP can do most of that just fine (especially the few you listed for "full speed" emulation). I have owned just about every type of handheld that can emulate things (GP2X, Caanoo, GP32, Zodiac, etc) and I still have to say that the PSP is the best handheld emulation experience to date. It needs to have a custom firmware however. I am currently selling one in the marketplace with custom firmware and can add the emulators (just the emulators, NOT the roms) to a card and include them with it if that is something you are looking for.

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The GPD XD is totally available ... it's always been something you've had to order from China. There are many trustworthy retailers there, that's where I got mine.


PSP hacking is easy enough to read about, just do some web searches "PSP custom firmware 2016" would do it. I found this, which seems easy enough to follow: http://wololo.net/cfw4dummies/

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OK, I'll put it to you this way: it used to be available on Amazon until this week. Plenty of 'em on eBay (from China), but other than that, Froogle showed me two vendors that carried it, one that said it would be shipping from China, and another that has an entire Facebook group dedicated to people who were ripped off by that vendor...if I have to order from China, so be it.

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Are you certain those Amazon sellers were from the USA?


I bought my blue 32GB XD from Willgoo at launch, for what that's worth. Geekbuying also seems to have an OK reputation with people on the Dingoonity forums, which is worth something. Check out that forum, it's going to give you more specific info than Froogle.


I would avoid using random Chinese sellers on eBay because of some bad experiences recently.

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PSP is probably best cause if you want, you can download and use these emulators without installing custom firmware:




It emulates ps1 and generations before it pretty good. I hear vita is better if you want to run a dreamcast emulator, but then you need the right firmware and it's not nearly as easy to hack.

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