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Lynx II Repair: Scrambled Video


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So I have an odd one. I have a Lynx II that works, runs, but had some scrambled video on the screen.




So after talking to a local fellow Lynx'er and engineer around here, he suggested I replace the Suzy chip. Luckily he had some brand new Suzy and Mikey's in his cache of goods (you can buy them also from Best Electronics).


Here's the Original Suzy Chip (also notice the DRAM is SMD on this board revision):



After desoldering the Suzy with some chipquick, and resoldering with some solder wicking to fix the bridges, it fires up and works like new!



And of course I recapped it, new MOSFET and zener for the rest. Honestly, most Lynx II's can probably fixed with a Suzy, Mikey, and RAM.. too bad the chips cost almost $50.



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Yes, that's true.. this was just to show the odd issue with that. I actually have about 4 Lynxes that won't power on with new MOSFET or 5V directly into C41. So either its more common, or I have really bad luck :)


And you must be buying your MOSFETs in bulk for 50 cents.. not that $1 is a whole lot more. :)

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