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Super retrobit trio problem!


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So yesterday I went to hook up my retrobit trio as I acquired some new games. So I connected it with the wrong power cord, I didn't realize til I powered it up and it smelled a lil burnt. So when put it on I was going to try out a Genesis game, the Genesis game and the Genesis game slot both smell burnt. My tv won't recognize the Genesis slot anymore. So I did switch it back to the original power cord and no good results either. When I power on the snes slot or the nes slot the picture to any of those games look distorted, after resetting it the screen stays blank. Does anyone know if my power cord caused my system to fry or maybe the game? Does anyone know if I can change out the Genesis game connector slot and it will fix it? Will I have to change the snes and nes slots as well? If I can does anyone know where I can buy the game connector slots? Thanks please help...

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I have never heard of the retrobit trio until today but from what you describe I think the system is damaged, if it was just the game cartridge then it should work fine with with another game or even with games for the other systems however as you are reporting distorted screen images with games for the other systems it seems unlikely that it was just the cartridge that fried.


I would think that a part that is common to all three systems such as the power supply, video chip (if there is one) or the processor that I assume is present to emulate all three systems is damaged. Having just looked the systems up to find out what it is I noticed that you can get them new from Amazon.com for $60, at that price it may be uneconomical to repair espically if you can't do it yourself as it would probably cost in excess of $30 for parts and labour if you take it to a professional.


If there is a separate PCB for the Genesis part of the systems that can be easily removed you could try removing that and seeing it the others function correctly without, they might if common signals such as power do not need to pass through it to the other boards if so that would at least allow you to narrow down the issue to that one board. Sorry, can't really be of more help than that





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