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Battle of the Ports

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Another true classic this week featuring two japanese exclusive mobile ports.



Great choice Mark. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Darius is a game that is really near & dear to me since I love playing it in the arcades. I spent so much money on playing it that I couldn't believe it when I actually ran out of money in my pockets and in my wallet! :-D


Truly an amazing game it is. Thank you for sharing this with us Mark. I really enjoyed it for sure! :)



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More Taito goodness on this week's Battle of the Ports with Darius Gaiden.



Love Darius Gaiden Mark.


Such an excellent title that certainly will keep you busy for quite some time. Love how Windows 95 also received a port of it as well.


Thank you as always Mark. Keep up the great work. :)



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Finally the new Retro Core has been released. Man, this took an age to put together.
Retro Core 5 Volume 18 - The Mega CD



Hey Mark,


Another well done video my good man. Always love to see The Mega CD and love playing Final Fight CD with its excellent soundtrack remix. Thank you again kind sir!



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If you're in the mood to keep with the Neo Geo ports, KoF '98 is one I've always wanted to see.

It's especially interesting since it's had release on 3 different pieces of arcade hardware (snk mvs, igs pgm 2, and taito type x). It's also had some heavily upgraded console releases like the dreamcast port (called "kof 99" for whatever reason). It's even possible some of these ports are so far from the source material that they really aren't even the same game, but I think it'd be neat to see them all compared.

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