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Atari 2600 Game identification

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I just dug an old "vader" style 2600 out of my mom's attic. It was missing joysticks, power supply and the paddles were with it, but come to find out they're broken. Also, the end of the tv cable had been (presumably) chewed off by a rodent and was lost as well. To make matters worse, there was only one game. So, I went to my local Game Xchange and bought 3 more. One of which was only labeled "Mystery Cart." It is joystick operated. You control a yellow object that you can move left or right. There are multi colored objects that descend and they seem flying saucer shaped to me. In a Space Invaders like manor you shoot the flying saucer from the "ground." There is no title screen or any text at all aside from a score and number of lives. The only other detail is a sort of city skyline drawn with a single blue line.

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