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Captain Spazer

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Hi, Atari fans! Here's my first game called Spazer.

Spazer is a 2 player game. Each player controls an intergalactic warmachine called a Spazer on different sides of an intergalactic war. It's a very easy game to pick up and play but don't be fooled. It's tough to master!


How the gameplay works:

Move the joysticks left and right to strife the Spazers, and press the fire button to launch your intergalactic death laser! But be warned, your Spazer uses a lot of energy when firing so it takes a little time to recharge. Under this time you will be stationary. Strike first and you might find yourself spacedust!


At the titlescreen press the reset switch to start, and the same goes for when someone wins.


You get 3 lives each. Good luck, future Spazer captains!




Get it here! Spazer.bin


I think all the bugs are gone, atleast the ones I can find.

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