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[SOLD!] $35 All Tested, With FS: 16 Classic Joysticks. Atari-compatible.


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All Tested, With Minor Issues--Most Should be Easy Repairs

- I have way too many joysticks. I pruned out about 1/3 of them because my joystick compartment in my gaming center was overflowing.

- As such, I wouldn't say they're all up for sale because they're "broken." I set aside any joysticks wasn't in tip-top shape, so many of these have minor, easily repairable flaws, which I'd fix myself if I had the time.

- Many issues are very mild: felt a bit loose, some sticker residue that warrants an alcohol wipe, has some case scars that won't affects its function, is a little clicky, or is a little hard to hit the diagonals consistently.

- Some issues are more functional problems: can't go right unless you push really hard, fire button hardly works, or twitchy response.


1: Atari CX-40

2: Atari CX-40

3: Atari CX-40

4: Atari CX-40

5: Atari CX-40

6: Atari CX-40

7: Atari CX-40

8: Suncom Slik Stik

9: Suncom Slik Stik

10: Suncom Slik Stik

11: Suncom Slik Stik

12: Suncom TAC-2: Totally Accurate Controller [left & right fire buttons]

13: Challenger GX .112 [auto fire switch, trigger & thumb buttons, suction cups]

14: Discwasher Pointmaster [thumb button]

15: Suncom Tac50 [start button, trigger & thumb buttons, 2 base buttons, suction cups--perhaps Sega Genesis compatible?]

16: Wico Boss-Precision Engineered [thumb button, pivots for ergonomic comfort]

Shipping from USA 92620.

Package: 9lb 8oz, 20"x14"x12".

Thank you,











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