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Pop Sound - BASIC

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I want to write a simple routine in BASIC to create a pop noise. Like the sound made by pressing your lips together then opening your mouth real fast. I don't have the sound skills with the Atari BASIC to even know where to start. In other words, I don't know what sound statements make what noises or how I might create such a noise combining things together.


Can anyone suggest a small routine or point me in the right direction.


Thx in advance!


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Thanks, that is close. I guess I need a re-education in Atari sound.


If you haven't already, re-familiarize yourself with the Atari BASIC SOUND command. Then have some fun reliving your old excitement with the platform and experiment. Have fun with your Atari!

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I'd just go:



10 FOR F=100 TO 20 STEP -15
20 SOUND 0,F,10,8


A triangle wave would probably work better though a dynamic sound using it would need to be done with help from an assembly routine since multiple registers have to be stored in very quick sequence.

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